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Looking For Halal Frozen Food Supplier In Malaysia? Check This Out

Looking For Halal Frozen Food Supplier In Malaysia? Check This Out

Ever heard of murtabak and roti canai? If you’re a true Malaysian, you’re most probably familiar with these! 

Looking for a halal frozen food supplier in Malaysia? You’re at the right place!

Nothing is better than having your freezer stocked up with some frozen goods. It’s best to prepare yourself for when hunger pangs hit you late at night. 

Read this article to find out the best halal frozen food supplier in Malaysia!

Before that, we will share with you some useful tips on how to handle frozen food you probably haven't heard before. 

Let's dive right in!

Useful Tips For Handling Frozen Food 

1. Seal the packaging tightly

Make sure the food package is properly sealed before freezing it. If you're buying frozen items from the store, ensure the package is well sealed to prevent freezer burn.

2. Store food in small portions for easy defrosting 

Only take only the required amount of food to be eating at a given time. Split food into considerable serving portions upon storing them in the freezer to make thawing easier. 

3. Follow the manufacturer's directions for defrosting.

If you need to defrost any frozen food, make sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations to get the most out of it. 

Some frozen foods may be cooked without thawing as soon as they are removed from the freezer. 

4. Defrost food by refrigeration

When defrosting frozen food, remove them from the freezer and place them in the refrigerator to defrost slowly. The fridge will absorb the frostiness from the frozen food. 

With low temperatures, defrosting food in the refrigerator also reduces the development of bacteria. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that this thawing method takes longer than usual. So, do it well ahead of time. 

5. Keep the food in its packaging when defrosting 

To minimise cross-contamination and keep the food from drying up during defrosting, keep it in its original packaging. 

The food should not come into contact with other meals. 

The Best Halal Frozen Food Supplier For You In Malaysia

ZamZam Brand 

Halal frozen food supplier Malaysia

The ultimate halal frozen food supplier in Malaysia is, hands-down, ZamZam Brand. 

With the best-tasting rotis out there, this store’s got all that it takes to fulfill your Malaysian tongue cravings. 

Among the frozen food available include roti canai, murtabak, and roti jala. 

Roti canai is always everyone’s go-to food for breakfast, snacks, or even midnight supper!

Heat it up for a quick meal paired with dhal or curry. 

Feeling something fancier with pack-a-punch savoury flavours? Murtabak is for you!

Halal frozen food supplier Malaysia

Filled with protein, this chicken murtabak will surprise your taste buds with a pleasant surprise. 

Don’t miss out on their roti jala too! 

You might want to tuck this delicate and tender delicacy into your teatime and devour it with any of your favourite gravy.

Halal frozen food supplier Malaysia

The best part is everything is super affordable! 

Get Yours Here!

Made up your mind yet?

Our best bet is Zam Zam Brands!

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Zam Zam Brands offers a variety of halal frozen food and health supplements. 

Trusted by many, now’s the time to step up your healthy lifestyle. 

What are you waiting for?

Get your ZamZam product today!



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